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Over the last four years, we’ve steadily built our capacity to collect, aggregate and analyse data. We have been working diligently to learn from all of the types of data we collect, building systems to gather, portray and share it in usable forms with our members.


Culture & Learning Survey

A practical tool to help school communities understand how cultural diversity can influence teaching and learning. This new tool gathers data to help schools understand students’ preferences relating to individuality, collaboration, communication, cross-cultural understanding, relationship to authority, and more. Results can be used to inform decision-making at a variety of levels, from working with students individually to the whole-school analysis on a strategic level.

ACISC™ KnowledgeBase 

We are in a unique position in working closely with over 730 international schools and 625 universities located in 116 countries. We share data that ACISC™ member schools and higher education institutions can use to inform decisions and set benchmarks.

We offer a series of online data dashboards exclusively for university and school members including:

  • Regional Data Dashboard: School leaders can compare key data indicators across the ACISC™ membership network to inform decisions and set benchmarks.
  • International Student Financial Aid Data: High school guidance counsellors can use this resource to inform students’ university application processes.
  • Community Survey Reports: During the accreditation process, each school administers the ACISC™ Community Survey with their community. Schools can compare Community Survey results with other ACISC™ accredited schools.
  • Compensation Surveys: Our annual Head of School Compensation Survey along with a survey for teachers and other school leaders are valuable resources to learn how compensation packages compare to those of other schools of similar size around the world and in your region.






Importance of Accreditation

One of the first steps any prospective student should take before enrolling in a college or university, is to verify whether or not the school is accredited by a recognized accrediting agency. ACISC™ is a national accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education.

What do you want to learn more about?

The robust relationships between our member universities and member schools are a key element in our mission to shape the future of international education.

ACISC™ is a membership community working collaboratively to shape international education through professional services to schools, higher education institutions, and individuals. Global citizenship is the centre of everything we do at ACISC™  to support our members.

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