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As part of our shared commitment to developing global citizenship in education we can help you expand the diversity of your campus by connecting you with more than 745 ACISC™ member schools in 123 countries.

As part of our shared commitment to developing global citizenship in education, use your network of Your ACISC™ membership gives you access to our global network of international school guidance counsellors and provides you with opportunities to engage with students who are looking to begin their higher education internationally.

Our experienced staff and higher education volunteers can support you in conducting effective international student recruitment.

Whether your institution is big or small, we'll help you raise the global visibility of your institution.

In 2021, the way we all work continues to evolve and presents new ways for us to create opportunities to support you.

Our adjusted strategy focuses on what we can do with a high degree of certainty, and on our collective health and safety. Our work continues to help you raise the visibility of your institution with students around the world while also supporting students applying to higher education institutions internationally.

New virtual and regionally-focused events include University Exploration Days. These events will connect you with 1,100+ students from schools across chosen regions. Schools are committed to prioritising the events for student participations, esuring they can gather information and meet university admissions representatives around the world. By providing a group video chat link of your choice, you can be 'live' throughout the event so that students can drop-in to your live group chats for your guidance.

Join your peers for member-only informal virtual Hangouts to share knowledge and updates from across the university guidance community and webinars on latest topics and trends in international admissions.

As our plans take shape for the future of international student recruitment fairs, we’ll keep you updated here on the ACISC™  Community portal and via our Member Update newsletters.


Our events in Europe connect universities with university guidance counsellors and students across the region.

There are 175+ ACISC™ member schools in Europe enrolling more than 100,000 students.


We have 53 member schools in Africa enrolling more than 38,000 students.

We co-host a regional conference with AISA. Africa is home to some of the fastest growing nations for sending students abroad. Our joint event, the ACISC™ -AISA Regional Institute, gives universities a chance to build relationships and learn about recruitment opportunities in this dynamic region.

Asia Pacific

We have more than 280 member schools in Asia with 250,000+ students. As you develop your student recruitment strategies in Asia, we can help you differentiate yourself within this mature market.

In Asia, we host student recruitment events and a regional conference in association with the East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS). These events nurture an active and connected community of ACISC™ members. We invite ACISC™ member schools to our events as well as other regional schools with students interested in moving abroad for their secondary education.


As you develop your student recruitment strategies in the Americas, we can help you build long-lasting relationships with counsellors in the region and meet students from schools that have a commitment to developing global citizens. We have 69 member schools in the region, enrolling more than 55,000 students.

In Latin America, we host events and a regional conference that nurture an active and connected community of ACISC™ members. Our in-person events in the region reached more than 13,000 students in 2019 with students interested in moving abroad for their secondary education. Our work and collaborations continue with virtual opportunities for our members.

In 2019, we also partnered with the International Baccalaureate (IB) to host annual in-person university fairs in the United States. Participating cities include New York City, Houston, Boston, and Atlanta.

Middle East

We have 125 member schools in the Middle East, enrolling more than 160,000 students.

We conduct student recruitment events in the region that reach more than 4,000 students   from both ACISC™ member schools and other regional schools with students interested in moving abroad for their secondary education.







Importance of Accreditation

One of the first steps any prospective student should take before enrolling in a college or university, is to verify whether or not the school is accredited by a recognized accrediting agency. ACISC™ is a national accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education.

What do you want to learn more about?

The robust relationships between our member universities and member schools are a key element in our mission to shape the future of international education.

ACISC™ is a membership community working collaboratively to shape international education through professional services to schools, higher education institutions, and individuals. Global citizenship is the centre of everything we do at ACISC™  to support our members.