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Do you like to experience different cultures?
Do you want an international university experience?
Do you need help finding a university that is the right fit for you?

ACISC™ can help you find your path! We have over 600 member universities in 38 countries throughout the world, including many in Asia, Australia, US, UK, and Europe who represent top-tier education institutions with an international perspective. You’ve probably heard of a few of them, and you may also discover some universities that can offer new possibilities for your future.

Here's how

The first step is easy. Fill in our simple form that includes which regions you are interested in studying, what programmes you are interested in studying, as well as if you are interested in financial aid information. Based on the information you provide, ACISC™ member universities will contact you when they believe they can provide a good fit for what you are looking for in higher education. You don’t need to worry about spamming, ACISC™ screens all of our members to ensure that they follow good practices in communication with prospective students. They represent highly-reputable members of an active higher education community from around the world who support our mission in shaping the future of international education.

This opportunity can help you find your best fit for pursuing an international future, whether that starts across an ocean or across the street!


Your privacy is important to us. When you fill out the personal data form for the University Connection Registry, ACISC™ member universities will have access to your personal data and may contact you with regards to global study options. If you want your personal data to be removed from the University Connection Registry or to modify information that you previously submitted, please send an email to gro.csica@ofni







Importance of Accreditation

One of the first steps any prospective student should take before enrolling in a college or university, is to verify whether or not the school is accredited by a recognized accrediting agency. ACISC™ is a national accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education.

What do you want to learn more about?

The robust relationships between our member universities and member schools are a key element in our mission to shape the future of international education.

ACISC™ is a membership community working collaboratively to shape international education through professional services to schools, higher education institutions, and individuals. Global citizenship is the centre of everything we do at ACISC™  to support our members.