The Initial Accreditation Workshop has been converted to a two-part development series to better meet the needs of applicants! These are:

ACISC101 Initial Accreditation I – An Introduction to ACISC and its Critical Compliance Processes ($1000/registrant)

Following completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Prepare campus team for the ACISC initial accreditation process

  2. Understand the Accreditation Criteria as it relates to their institution

  3. Draft an initial Campus Effectiveness Plan

  4. Maintain institutional and students’ records aligned with ACISC expectations

  5. Align the institution’s operations with specific ACISC requirements

  6. Adequately prepare for the Initial Resource Visit

Registration is now open for ACISC101 to institutions who are interested in learning more about the initial accreditation process.

ACISC102 Initial Accreditation II – Preparing the Self-study and Best Practices for the Onsite Evaluation ($500/registrant)

Following completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Complete ACISC institutional requirements

  2. Craft the Institutional Self-study Narrative to accurately reflect the institution

  3. Recognize key ACISC compliance components

  4. Prepare for the Onsite Accreditation Review (team visit)

  5. Understand the Peer Review Process

  6. Respond to the Team’s report

Both courses, which are offered both synchronously and asynchronously, must be taken to fulfill the Workshop requirement. Course registrants will be provided with an individualized yet collaborative learning experience. To facilitate the intimate level of interactions, seats will be limited.

Registration is now open for ACISC102 to institutions who have completed the Initial Resource visit and are preparing to submit Phase II of the Initial Application.