ACISC™ Accreditation is available only to ACISC™ school members. Accreditation is not available to higher education institutions.

This schedule is applicable to schools participating in the ACISC™ International Accreditation process.

Due at the time of formal request to enter the process.
Annual accreditation€2,140*
Preparatory visit fee including self-study workshop***€4,780* + costs**
Team evaluation€6,270* + costs**
Excluding VAT
The term 'costs' includes travel, travel insurance, accommodation, visas, meals, etc. for all evaluators.
A preparatory visit occurs when a school initiates the process of re-accreditation, and includes a half-day workshop with an option for a full-day workshop.
Additional fees may apply for special visits and other services as necessary.
For enquiries regarding payment, please contact: gro.csica@ofni